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Zoom Waterproof Earbuds BlueTooth 5.0 True Wireless Earphones 1600 mAh Power Bank Case + Free Powerbank



Revolutionary Waterproof Flush Mounting Mini Earbuds

  • Fully Waterproof Underwater IPX7 Nanotechnology Offers Protection From All Water Activities Plus Dust-Proof
  • Power Bank Charging Storage Case & Earbuds Combine 60 Hours of Listening/Talk Time
  • Ergonomic Ultra Comfortable Flush In-Ear Lightweight Design Provides a Secure Fitment
  • 1600mAh Power Bank Storage Case Has Built-In USB Port To Charge a Phone
  • HiFi True Wireless Most Advanced Version Chip V5.0 Bluetooth Technology
  • Maximize Sound Effects through High Fidelity Exclusive Concert Experience
  • Explosive 103 Decibels of Sensitivity, 32 Ohms Exceptional Balanced Sound, & 6mm Graphene Bass Shock
  • Variety Pack of Small, Medium, & Large Comfort Silicone Ear Tips Included to Accommodate All Ears
  • Convenient One Touch Features Include Call & Music Options, Both Earbuds Sound Phone Calls, Plus Activate Siri
  • One Step Pairing & Two Listening Modes: Single or Share
  • Transmitting Distance Up to 49 Feet

Concert Experience Hi-Res Music

Easy Pairing & Activate Intelligent Assistant

60 Hours Combined Playtime

1600mAh Wireless Charging Storage Case

Bluetooth 5.0 Signal up to 49 Feet

Built-In Power Bank Charges Your Phone

Intuitive One-Touch Controls

IPX7 Fully Waterproof Nano-Tech



Lose yourself in your music with SIKROX Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds premium High Fidelity 3D natural surround sound effects. Vibrating 6mm Graphene diaphragm offers up to 103 decibels of sensitivity for an exclusive concert experience. Closed acoustic architecture, enhanced supreme punchy bass, and noise isolation all packed into a minimalist design for splendid sound. Plush fitment enables intelligent noise cancelling reduction with built in embedded microphone. Exceptional quality V5.0 chip to ensure peak performance, strong signal, fast connection, dual Ear Bud voice recognition, music clarity, real time transmission, and non-distorted high-definition voice during phone conversations.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

Comfort is key, listen to your favorite music, get into your zone, and enjoy what you love to do whether its at the gym, running, swimming, outdoor adventure, working, or relaxing! Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds feature an ergonomic lightweight design that adapts perfectly flush inside your ear for exceptional comfort. Built-in flexible small, medium, and large variety pack of soft gel silicone ear tips offer a comfortable and secure fit suited for wherever life takes you. Maximum Protection IPX7 fully waterproof sport rated for those who prefer listening to music during vigorous exercise, water activities, or adventure. These Impressive nanotechnology Ear Buds are designed to keep rain, water, moisture, and dust out so you can focus on your activities.

SR71 Quick Charge

Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds feature seamless pairing mode and LED battery indicators to make sure you get connected and STAY connected throughout your day while using small power consumption. Boasting a massive 4 hours of total playback for music and movies. Each Ear Bud charges simultaneously 15 times in the included storage charging case wirelessly for over 56 hours of additional playback. Enjoy long battery duration in the great outdoors away from the power grid with a total of 60 hours of combined playback. The power bank charging case can actually charge your phone and features our SR71 QUICK CHARGE technology for rapid 40 minute Ear Bud refueling. Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds go to charge mode automatically once placed inside the charging case while LED indicator lights display power consumption levels.


Once you pull the impressive Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds out of their charging case they automatically pair and connect to your device when your Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable. Each Ear Bud can be separated and shared with another listener. They have the most advanced and latest version of Bluetooth Airoha V5.0 decoding technology producing superior bass with crystal clear tremble. The high sensitivity antenna offers extended range connections with no obstruction transmitting distance up to 49 feet in open space. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, Apple, Samsung, IOS, Android, WP, tablets, computers, and other smart devises. One-Step-Function shortcuts include answer/hang up, redial, play/pause, previous song, next song, volume up/down, activate Siri, power on, power off, and more.


Please remember that Bluetooth technology only pairs with one device at a time. When you want to pair our Zoom Ear Buds with a different device please disconnect the previous device first.

Unmatched Quality

SIKROX products are manufactured using only the highest quality genuine circuitry, sophisticated lithium innovation, materials, and master craftsmanship to ensure long lasting peak performance with an ergonomically pleasing useful design.


  • Battery Case Life: 500 Cycle Plus
  • Input: Micro USB DC (5V/1A)
  • Output Charging Voltage: (5V 1A)
  • Wireless Case: 1600mAh Offers 56 Hours Additional Playback
  • Power Bank Charging Case: Can Charge Device with USB Port
  • Charging Time: 40 Minutes SR71 Quick Charge
  • Music/Talk Time: 3-4 Hours (50mAh Each Ear Bud)
  • Range: Open Space 49 Feet (15m)
  • Bluetooth True Wireless: Advanced Chipset V5.0 Airoha 1526P
  • True Wireless Connection: Automatic
  • Pairing: Automatic Once Removed From Case
  • Charging: Automatic Once Placed inside Case
  • Dual Voice Recognition: Yes
  • Two Listening Modes: Single or Share
  • Water Resistance: IPX7 Fully Waterproof & Dust-Proof
  • Ear Bud Positioning: Flush Inside Ear
  • Ear Tips: Small, Medium, & Large Gel Silicone Tips
  • Function: Multipurpose Sensor Button Providing Short Cuts
  • Acoustic Architectural: Closed
  • Frequency Response: 2402Hz-2480kHz (Range of Bass, Mids, & Tremble)
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms (Exceptional Balanced Sound)
  • Sensitivity: 98-103 Decibels (Concert Acoustical Experience)
  • Bass Shock Film: 6mm Graphene
  • Charging Case Dimensions: 72*55*32mm
  • Ear Buds & Charging Case Weight: 70 Grams
  • Package/Box Dimensions: 11.2*8*4.1cm
  • Package/Box Total Weight: 140 Grams
  • Part No. 40625
  • UPC: 682131854860


  • 1 Pair True Wireless Zoom Waterproof Ear Buds
  • Ergonomic 1600mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank Case
  • Powerful 12 Inch USB Cable with Micro USB Output
  • 3 Comfort Gel Silicone Ear Tips (small, medium, & large)
  • Welcome Guide and User Manual
  • Twelve Month Warranty Card

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