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Portable Charger 10400 mAh USB Quick Charge Type-C Power Bank LED Flashlight


Multifunction Portable Charger Improving the User Experience

  • Advanced SR71 QUICK CHARGE Technology
  • USB Type-C Quick Charge Output & Input Port
  • 3 USB Output Ports Charges 3 Devices at Once
  • Powerful & Useful 10400 mAh Battery Storage Capacity
  • 45 Watts & 6.4 Amps of High Power External Charging
  • Charges Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Earphones, Cameras, & More
  • Integrated LED Flashlight with Low, High, & Strobe Beam Functions
  • Smart Auto Charging Recognition with Power Indicators
  • Recharges Devices Up to 4 Times on One Charge
  • Easy to Carry Lightweight Travel Design
  • Included Soft Drawstring Travel Bag

Charges 3 Devices at Once

Included Soft Drawstring Travel Bag

SR71 Quick Charge Technology

45 Watt 6.4 Amps Rapid PD Type-C Function

Power-On-The-Go Fuel Your Adventure

Charges Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Etc.

Charges Devices Up to 4 Times on One Charge

Built-in LED Flashlight


Preparedness Sleek Design

The world today is experiencing an epic new age in history where lithium battery juice is gasoline of the 21stcentury. Join the SIKROX movement with consumers around the world who rely on our latest innovative technologies to stay connected with uninterrupted power. Prevent the unexpected dead battery with our reliable Tomcat Power Bank developed to be with you at all times and charge your device anywhere while traveling, work, school, or outdoor adventures. Integrated 3 MODE LED flashlight triggering high beam, low beam, and strobe function keeps you safe in darkness or emergencies. Its incredibly compact and lightweight design offers effective fuel efficiency that will keep your devices charged and connected with extra battery life on the go.

Versatile & Adaptable

Our stealthy and attractive Tomcat Power Bank is easy and comfortable to hold in your hands. Versatile ability to charge up to 3 devices at once optimizing your charging needs with a 4thport micro USB enabling charging of itself. Travel rated delivering an easier and quicker way to charge your phone from literally anywhere you might find yourself needing extra battery life. Charging capability for many devices such as mobile phones, Apple, Samsung, IOS, Android, WP, tablets, laptops, cameras, earphones, lights, portable gaming systems, and other devices. Also try charging our SIKROX Zoom Ear Buds using the Tomcat Power Bank USB output port.

SR71 Quick Charge

The Tomcat Wireless Power Bank boasts 10,400mAh of portable battery muscle guaranteed to give you a fast charge away from the power grid. Intelligent charging recognition automatically begins when your device is plugged in with built-in LED power display illustrating battery juice levels. High capacity and efficiently recharges your iPhone 8: 4 times, iPhone X: 2.8 times, Samsung Galaxy S8: 2.5 times, and iPad Mini: 1.5 times. Type-C socket supports two-way input/output quick charging and increasing speeds up to 2 hours faster compared to micro USB charging. It also includes two legacy USB ports that are compatible with all your current charging cables. Advanced imported chip insures safety protection from overcharge protection, reset protection, battery overcharge protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and supports stand by feature collectively extending the battery life of your device.

Unmatched Quality

SIKROX products are manufactured using only the highest quality genuine circuitry, sophisticated lithium innovation, materials, and master craftsmanship to ensure long lasting peak performance with an ergonomically pleasing useful design.


  • Capacity: 10,400mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Lithium 18650 Grade A
  • Input: Micro USB (5V/2A), USB-C (5V/3A)
  • Output: USB-A (5V/1A), USB-B (5V/2.4A), USB-C (5V/3A)
  • Combined Output Power: 45 Watts 6.4 Amps
  • Integrated LED Light: Yes (Low Beam, High Beam, & Strobe)
  • Input Charging Cable: Micro USB & QC Type-C
  • Technology: SR71 Quick Charge
  • Intelligence: Auto Charging Recognition
  • Charge Multiple Devices at Once: 3
  • Power Indicators: Yes
  • Overcharge Protection: Yes
  • Stand by Feature: Yes
  • Chip: Multiple Protection Intelligent Chip
  • Dimension: 141*64*22.8mm
  • Weight: 245 Grams
  • Part No. 10215
  • UPC: 068213185483


  • 10,400mAh Power Bank with Built-In 3-Mode LED Flashlight
  • Powerful 20 Inch USB Cable with Micro USB Output
  • Soft Drawstring Travel Bag
  • Welcome Guide and User Manual
  • Twelve Month Warranty Card

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