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Our Story

We are SIKROX-Bred for excellence. 

The world today is experiencing an epic new age in history where lithium battery juice is gasoline of the 21st century. Join the SIKROX movement with consumers around the world who rely on our latest innovative technologies to stay connected with uninterrupted power. Our Eudemonia philosophy: “We believe in LIVING WELL, giving you the energy to engage in life in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Never settle, continue to experiment, focus on the future, without forgetting where we came from.”

We are focused to understand your daily needs and cultivate improved products to empower your natural balance. Our customers are important strategic partners who can build our reputation. Everyone is unique just like our products and we want our technologies to reflect you and your individual needs. We work diligently to provide an array of products that integrate multi-use functions that suits a variety of essentials. We are dedicated to what we do and aim to achieve what others have not been able to. The world is for us merely a bundle of sensations unified by laws, which extend the perceptions of our mind. We are avid users of our own products, which drive personal emotions acting as ideas conferring shape into reality. We take typical technology a step further to be stronger and last longer.

We are adventurers exploring the unknown living outside the box exercising our freedom of power to choose our future. Peaking on 3 previous successful businesses a team was selected and founded upon principle of pure passion for technology and how it can improve our daily experiences. We are designing our future applying collective talents of artistry put into motion.

SIKROX operations are well connected and available for purchase in over 150 countries worldwide and supported by Apple and Samsung. Here at SIKROX, industry award-winning designers are driving performance and engineering to new sleek continuous integration of hardware. We are recognized for 21 years of pure quality, magazine features, advanced designs, customer service, and world leading innovative technology driven products.