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SIKROX products come with a standard USB power cord with high speed USB micro input port to charge itself. Some of our Power Banks such as our Drone also charge itself wirelessly. You can charge our Power Banks and Ear Buds using a USB port anywhere you might have one such as on a computer, car, nightstand, or use the USB wall adapter that came with your other devices. Use your device specific USB power cord when charging from our Power Banks.

We integrated a Type-C port for SR71 Quick Charging however you will need to purchase this cord separately in order to match your devices input port. Many of our chargers have advanced intelligent wireless charging for Qi enabled devices.These days all smart phones come standard with wireless charging capability and older phones can charge wirelessly with an inexpensive adaptor upgrade. 

Generally, most of our external batteries' static power consumption is very low, which can last around 1 year to drain the battery completely if they are not used.

However, the chemicals within the li-ion battery will gradually become less active over prolonged periods without use. Most will die in 2 years of inactivity.

To extend your battery's life:

1. Use and recharge Power Bank at least once every 3 months.
2. Do not over-charge or over-discharge it. It is best to keep it charged between 5%-95%.

Yes, in most cases portable chargers are allowed on airplanes. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or in a small bag. It comes with a small drawstring travel bag as well, so that makes it even more convenient for carry. 

No, thanks to SIKROX overcharge protection and standby function the charging circuit automatically disconnects when the internal battery is fully charged.

Mobile chargers aren't specific to any devices. As long as you have a cable that plugs into your phone on one end and has a standard USB connector on the other end it will work.

As long as you have a USB charging cord that you can plug into it, it will work for any phone, camera, tablet, laptop, Nintendo Switch, LED light, etc.

As long has your Power Bank is fully charged you wont have a problem.

The FAA legal limit is 100-watt hours. All of our batteries are currently under the FAA's limit for rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

All LED indicator lights will be illuminated when your device is fully charged.

The power is low on your power bank when the last LED indicator light is on and flickering.