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Join Team SIKROX-Become a SIKROX Ambassador Today!

July 31, 2019

#Team SIKROX Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the Team SIKROX ambassador program! We’re looking forward to what you can create to promote, share, and live a SIKROX lifestyle! We’re looking for loyal fans and ambassadors to post lifestyle photos, videos, comments to bring brand awareness and explode SIKROX! 

Once you sign up and are approved you will be given your own SIKROX Affiliate Dashboard where you'll find everything you need to recommend us to your friends, track the leads, visitors, and purchases that you led to us. You will also be able to see how much you are earning. We've created a unique 'Tell a friend' link just for you. Make sure when you recommend us you give your friends your unique link, which will let us know that you recommended them.

We've also created some content (which can be adapted to fit your style)  if you'd like to share your link via email or your favorite social networks.

As part of Team SIKROX you will receive incentives that increase as your performance increases. Right off the gates you will be given a 10% commission for all orders purchased using your tracking link. This will be paid via Paypal so make sure we have that info in your account. You can also earn free products and special product discounts and access to everything SIKROX before anyone else! We also like to return the favor and share your posts and content on our pages as well. To get all of the juicy details and become a Team member click below and let’s get started!