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Only One Ear Bud is Working

Zoom Waterproof Earbuds: What do I do if 2 Bluetooth "SIKROX" names are on my device for one pair of Earbuds?

Do the Waterproof Earbuds Play Under Water?

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Will I need to purchase additional accessories?

What if I want to return an item?

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If my SIKROX Power Bank is full charged, how long does it hold the charge, if it is left idle?

Can I bring this Power Bank on a airplane?

If I keep my device connected after its fully charged will it effect my battery efficiency?

Will this Power Bank work for my "XYZ" device?

Can I use this Power Bank to charge a non-smart phone?

How do I know that my device is fully charged?

How do I know if my SIKROX Power Bank needs charged?

My Ear Buds don't stay/fit in my ear.